How do merchants/businesses receive payment?

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  1. Registered merchants receive an email that states that a customer has bought one of their deals.
  2. The email contains the buyer’s details.
  3. Dealman Deal’s administration approves the purchase after the payment (EFT 3-5 Days) clears.
  4. Dealman Deals transfers 90% of the purchase amount into the merchant’s account.
  5. The customer receives coupon code via email.
  6. Customers present the printed coupon code in-store or via email and collect the item.


The product is dispatched for delivery.

How do customers purchase a deal?

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  1. Click on “Buy Now” button.
  2. Log into their Dealman Deals account.
  3. Enter billing information.
  4. Make payment via EFT. (3-5 days to clear)
  5. Receive email with payment confirmation and coupon code.
  6. Print coupon code.
  7. Present coupon code in-store or via email.
  8. Receive item or dispatch for delivery.

Information needed to submit a deal?

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  1. Deal Title (Creative to attract attention
  2. Deal short description.
  3. Full deal description including delivery, contact details and refund policy.
  4. Number of items you want to sell.
  5. Normal price.
  6. Discount price.
  7. Select the type of deal: custom┬álink deal (affiliate product), digital product deal (upload digital files), coupon/email print- online(redeem in-store) or coupon/email print – products(physical products).
  8. Select one or more categories.
  9. Deal start/end date.
  10. Deactivate end date if required.
  11. Deal image.
  12. Business website(not required)
  13. Thank you page(not required).
  14. Minimum number of purchases required to activate the deal.
  15. Maximum number of purchases allowed per customer.
  16. Visit Submit a Deal

How long does it take to list a deal?

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  1. Less than 5 minutes.

How many deals may be listed simultaneously?

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  1. Unlimited number of deals.


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  1. No monthly listing fees are charged.
  2. “Dealman Deals” receives 10% commission of the purchase price of every product sold.
  3. 90% of the purchase price of every product sold is transferred to the merchant after payment has cleared.

We make money if your products are sold.

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